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KenKode is based in West Yorkshire and run by Ken McNaught who is a computer consultant in both System Programming & RACF Security on the IBM mainframe platforms and is also able to provide very affordable web site solutions to meet your small business, clubs/groups or personal web site requirements.

IBM Mainframe Specialist (Now retired)

Ken worked on various Mainframe Computer platforms since 1975, settling on the IBM Mainframe platform in 1982. He has worked in several areas with particular long term experience in Systems Programming. In 2002 Ken moved into contracting and used his skills to assist major high street and financial companies on differing projects. His specialist areas include:

  • Bespoke REXX, CLIST, TSO, ISPF applications designed and customised to your unique requirements.
  • Hardware configuration (HCD)
  • z/OS, OS/390, MVS operating systems
  • RACF Security
  • Session Managers:   TPX, Tubes & IBM Session Manager
  • ... and more

Ken is available for short or long term contract work, or permanent employment within the UK.

Affordable Web Site Design Solutions

Ken has been designing and building web sites for family, friends and local businesses as a hobby since first going "on-line" in 1995. Ken even took this hobby into a professional role and worked for a local professional web design company during 2010. KenKode continues to independently offer cheap and affordable web site design, creation and maintenance solutions for the likes of:

  • Small to medium sized businesses
  • Clubs or Groups
  • Personal web sites

Please see my web site design, creation and maintenance sections for more details.

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