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Starter Web Sites

For startup businesses on a tight budget, nonprofit clubs and cost conscious individuals, I can now offer a range of Starter Web Sites.

These basic sites are built from one of the design templates below, and can contain from one to five static pages, ideal for a small business to dip a toe into the web site water and get a presence on the internet, or for a club to put up information about the club activities, location, joining instructions and so on. For individuals, a starter web site can give you a show case for your hobbies or promote yourself for job interviews.

I can offer my Starter Web Site at an excellent price of £99.95, well in reach of most SMBs, clubs and individuals. My Starter Web Site scheme is run in conjunction with Orpheus Internet, and you will normally be expected to register your domain name and host your new web site with Orpheus Internet at their standard rates, which is currently £61.27 for two years (for a '' domain). Orpheus can normally set all this up within 2 - 3 days for you.

Preparation tasks

Getting ready for your new web site is easy:

  1. Choose your preferred design from one of the templates below.
  2. Decide how many pages you want on your web site (up to 5) and what you want to say on each page. Feel free to contact me for advice on pages if you would like my assistance.
  3. Get together any photographs or images you want to use
  4. Choose a name for your site to be used as the logo (typically your business or club name) and what you want your web site Domain Name to be called ( Check the domain is available. There are many web sites that will do this, but one I've noticed that seems simple enough to use can be found here: Check Domain Name.

Design Templates

Choose from one of the following design templates. Click images to enlarge

Starter001 Starter002 Starter001
Starter004 Starter005 Starter006
Starter007 Starter008 Starter009
Starter010 Starter011 Starter012

if none of the above meet your specific requirements, contact me and I will see if another one nearer to your needs can be made available.

Ready to start

Once you have chosen your starter template and got all your information together, you are ready to contact me to begin.

  1. Contact me to discuss your requirements. I will be able to indicate whether I can build your web site under the starter site scheme, and the time scales involved.
  2. Once agreed, send all your information through to me.
  3. I will begin building your web site when I have safely received your full payment and FTP details of your ISP if you have organised that yourself. You can safely pay by PayPal using the button below:
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Choose Template Design:

Note: You must contact me and obtain our combined agreement to continue before using the payment button above.

Terms and Conditions

  • All starter web site work remains my intellectual property.
  • For an agreed maintenance fee, I will be happy to continue to maintain your site beyond the first year if requested.
  • All starter web sites will include "Web site designed by KenKode" or "Web site designed and maintained by KenKode" as appropriate unobtrusively at the bottom of your web pages, with a link back to this web site. This is not optional.
  • I am a single person company, and cannot make guarantees about how quickly I can produce samples, prepare and make live web sites or make changes or updates to existing web sites, as I may be constrained by other activities. However, I do promise to make best efforts to complete any task requested.
  • Even where I may use services which are described as being free, I still charge an appropriate admin/set-up fee to cover the cost of customising the service for your site.
  • I will make small changes (such as spelling corrections or small additions/deletions to existing pages) at no extra cost. Prices for larger changes or additional pages will agreed with you in advance.
  • Starter sites may be used as a reference site. This is not optional, but it will provide an extra external link to your web site, which may help with search engine ranking of your site.
  • Illegal, unethical or racial work will never be considered and I reserve the right to refuse to undertake any form of work as I see fit, without giving reasons.
  • For starter sites, full payment needs to be fully received at my end before any work on your web site will commence.
  • For additional updates after the web site has gone live, we will agree a price in advance for the work you request. Payment for additional work will be required before the work begins.
  • For significant updates, it may be required to convert your starter web site into one of my standard web sites to accommodate the changes you are after. The price for this will be agreed with you in advance.
  • I reserve the right to update these Terms and Conditions at any time, as necessary.