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Ken has been designing and building web sites since first going on-line in 1995. He was originally completely self-taught and continues to improve his knowledge to this day. Sites are completely hand crafted as he does not like the very bloated code that general purpose WYSIWYG web site generators often produce. Hand coding every page enables a very tight control over content and therefore the resulting size of files, which makes loading times as fast as possible. However, the Dreamweaver application is used these days for its ability to bulk process many files in one go, whilst still being able to hand code each individual page, and to maintain a constant theme throughout your web site with the use of templates.

In 2010, Ken has took his hobby into a professional role by joining a local professional web design company, through which his web site skills were increased further in this field. Now Ken continues to offer web site solutions to small to medium businesses, clubs & groups and individuals.

Sites built by KenKode  are created with a combination of valid XHTML and CSS, incorporating JavaScript and PHP where required to improve the dynamic capabilities and security of personal information displayed on your web site.

Your on-line security is important and taken seriously by me, so web sites designed and built by KenKode will include security features such as hiding email address from web-spiders (via JavaScript) and customised FORM processing (via individually written PHP code), both of which prevent web spiders from harvesting your email address for their spamming purposes. Similar methods can be used to hide other personal information you may wish to safely display, if required. Just ask.

Sites can be designed from scratch to your exact requirements or can be built around an existing template if you have identified one which meets your requirements. I'm able to use your existing ISP on reception of the necessary FTP upload details, or I can arrange for new ISP hosting where necessary. This is normally through Orpheus Internet, but can be through any ISP if you have a particular preference.

Ken is happy to take requests for sites from individuals, groups and small to medium sized companies in Wakefield, Yorkshire or further afield. I have customers from as far afield as South Wales, Darlington and Tain in Northan Scotland. So I am always happy to consider work from well outside the Wakefield or Yorkshire area where I am based.

Design and Pricing

For hints on planning the design of your new web site, and some sample price options, please see my Design Hint & Tips and Web Site Pricing pages. For examples of some of my current work, please see my Reference Sites Page. If you would like to discuss your web site requirements and arrange for a quote for the work, please use my contacts page.